Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waiting For Nothing

This night is so cold and I can't sleep tonight
Thinking back when the last time that I saw you
You're the one that I want but I can't do anything
I can't make you mine

I can't speak anything when I'm standing next to you
This dream is too good to be true

* You always fly above me and I won't be able to catch you
Oh girl. You're too perfect for me
I always run behind you and I won't be able to get you
Like the last time I saw you with him

Do I look like fool? When I talk to you
My heart just broke when I know the truth
I can't lie to myself no matter what it takes and I won't stop loving

It's so silly thinking of you on and on
And I want you so desperately

- My First Wet Dream -

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